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This event begins August 1, 2020 and ends September 30, 2020:do the race any time within August and September. You can run it non stop, like a regular non stop race OR you can do it as an accumulation run (AR) where you count each day's runs toward your final mileage goal. Please note that you can count mileage from August 1 onward regardless of when you register. So if you register on Aug 15, you can still count mileage from Aug 1-14. 

Your races may be cancelled, but racing doesn't have to be! Bigfoot Elusive Races (BER) is an opportunity to run a race and have an epic adventure on the date of your choosing between August 1 and Sept 30 in any location and take as long as you want -- but you must complete it within the August 1 and Sept 30 dates. You can upload your time via ultrasignup for an official BER time! This is a great way to stay motivated and have an adventure during the coronavirus pandemic, even if it's loops around your living room, neighborhood or on a treadmill. Please follow all local, state and social distancing guidelines to be safe and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Feeding America is our charity of choice! We have an add on donation option to our registration if you would like to donate. During one of the most difficult economic times in history, we feel that Feeding America is a wonderful charity to give back to. Learn more here.

What do I get with my entry fee?
All distances are $45. All participants get a medal shipped to them and results on ultrasignup (must submit time/verification, see below). The $45 fee also goes toward our employee costs here: paying employee salaries since we have had to cancel so many races this spring, creating the challenge/website work/logo fees/verification of times/shipping costs and results for the event. Shirts and buckles are an "add on" cost and can be purchased when you register, or up until Sept 30, use this link for add ons: Online Store​​

Changing Distances:
You may change distances - just login to your ultrasignup account and go to "Registration History" and "edit" for "Bigfoot Elusive Races". To change your address or email you will also need to login to your account. If you need your buckle changed, please contact us:​

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What is a Virtual Race?
It is a race you do on your own but in conjunction with other runners all over the world! It's the perfect way to safely race during the coronavirus pandemic. Choosing an official virtual race like Bigfoot Elusive Races allows you to challenge yourself and get an official finish time and finisher awards. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to push ourselves and BER is here to help you. Run virtually with people from all over the world between August 1-September 30.

Accumulation Runs / Can You Break the Distance Up Over Weeks/Months? Yes you can. Some people will choose to do the run as an "accumulation run" (AR) where each day's miles add up to the distance or as a "non-stop run" (NSR) running it non-stop from start to finish with few breaks between. Read the next question for more details on how to do the run as an accumulation run. Accumulation runs will be timed from start to finish including rest times so they will end up being longer time wise (20 days for example for an AR vs. 5 days for a NSR). Please note that you can count mileage from August 1 onward regardless of when you register. So if you register on Aug 15, you can still count mileage from Aug 1-14. 

HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK OF LONGER MULTI-DAY/WEEKS EFFORT: Lots of questions on this one! Many of you want to know how you track your 100km, 100mile or 200mile if you're doing it over the course of WEEKS not days. You do not need to keep a clock (watch, etc) running the entire time. Just write down the day and time you start and when you finish the day and time. Then do the math to determine total days, hours, minutes and seconds. For example: Let's say you decide to break the 200 miler up over the month of September. You start on September 1 at 9am and end on September 30 at 7pm. That would be a total of 29 days, 10 hours, 0 min, 0 seconds.  You can use this handy date to time converter for yours: Days between two dates converter. For verifying these longer efforts just take two pictures: one for the day you start and one for the day you finish. This can be a strava/garmin/suunto/etc screenshot, treadmill photo, watch photo, or the like. We will not ask for verification of every single day you run when it's over multi days unless you are top 3 male/female. 

​How Does it Work?
1. Register on ultrasignup and choose a distance or time: 10km, 50km, 50mile, 100km, 100 miles or 206.5 miles

2. Pick a date and decide where you will be safely running / walking: You don't need to choose a date to run before you register. You will just need to run between August 1 and Sept 30. You can run indoors, outdoors, on road, trail, it's up to you! Please follow all CDC and local COVID19 guidelines. Dates must be within August 1 and Sept 30, 2020 and for an official time you need to submit your time by the end of the day on Sept 30. To submit a time scroll down to "HOW TO SUBMIT A TIME"

3. Run or walk your virtual "race" and record the time 

Please make sure you complete the MINIMUM distance of your choosing. For 206.5 miles please do 206.5 miles or more, for 100 miles you must do 100 miles or more and for 100k you must be 100k or 62.2 miles, 50k must be 31.1 miles or more, 10km must be 6.2 miles or more to be verified. 

You can choose to run your distance in one go with stops for food, water and naps as needed, just like a normal ultra, BUT you can also split the run between multiple days as well if you like - just remember as per the rules of this challenge once you start your run the official time clock starts and doesn't stop until you complete the distance. If you choose to go to bed for a night or spread it out between multiple days the clock keeps going. 

If you plan to break up the run over the course or days/weeks/month to keep track of your overall time please write down the start day and time and the finish day and time (once you finish). If you want an official "time" you will need to count the time it took from start to finish. So if you begin the 200 miler on August 1 at 9am and finish it on August 15 at 9am, that's a total of 14 days. So your time would be 14 days 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds. Calculate Duration Between Two Times/Dates

4. Submit your time and provide one of two verifications: You will submit your final time, distance and verification for your run via ultrasignup. 

Verification is one of three things: (choose #1 or #2 or #3)

1. Photo of you and your treadmill or watch with the time and distance showing 


2. A public link to your Strava results or other run record site like Garmin, Coros, Suunto, etc. 


3. If you're running over multiple days/weeks/month please take a photo or screenshot as described above (or links to Strava/Garmin/other recording app) of the start day and the final day, you do NOT need to take photos of every single run. 

Note for top males/females: If you think you may be in contention for top 3 male/female spot we do ask that you document the entire run or each run although we won't ask for that verification unless it is needed when the event closes.

We recommend recording on more than one device in case one fails, as they do sometimes!

HOW TO SUBMIT A TIME / VERIFICATION for official results
It's really easy! See #4 above for what to use for verification. 
You have 2 options for how to submit your verification. 

OPTION #1 for uploading your time: If you registered as a guest this is the only option that will work for uploading your time. Please make sure you match your name with the name you registered with. Go to the registration page and use the "Record Results" orange button next to the green "register" button. That will allow you to record your results easily and quickly. The link to the page is here:​

OPTION #2 for uploading your time (only works if you logged into your account / didn't register as a guest)

When you're ready to submit your verification please go to ultrasignup and login to your ultrasignup account. 
On the upper right corner you will see your name and "account info" when you hoover the mouse over your name a drop down menu shows
Click on "Registration History"
You'll see a list of your registration history, find "Bigfoot Elusive Races" and in green next to the name of the race is "Record Results"
​Click on "Record Results" and submit your time and verification.

Verification for runs done on multiple days (with longer breaks): 
You don't need to keep a watch going over multiple days, but you do need to keep track of the day and time you started and the day and time you finish. 

Record somewhere the date and time you start. From start to finish is your overall time. So if it takes 7 days 6 hours to complete the entire 100 miles but only 30 hours of running, your time is 7 days 6 hours not 30 hours as the time starts when you begin and finishes when you finish. Use this handy calculator to determine total days: Calculate Duration Between Two Times/Dates

For verifying these longer efforts just take two pictures: one for the day you start and one for the day you finish. This can be a strava/garmin/suunto/etc screenshot, treadmill photo, watch photo, or the like. 


We have taken special care to source the coolest shirts, medals and buckles while supporting USA workers and artists! The medals and shirts are made in the USA by a company that hires 75% workers who are disabled. Please keep in mind shirts, buckles and medals are sent from different locations and will arrive separately.

The buckles are handmade by Kali, a Utah artist who makes our 200 mile buckles for our Triple Crown of 200 mile races: Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200 and Moab 240. All buckles are unique and made by capturing plant material in a resin in the form of our logo with your distance of choice on them. All participants will receive a medal. If you would like a t-shirt (all distances) or buckle (100k, 100mi, 200 mi only) they are extra (add ons) when registering. 
Shopping link here

INTERNATIONAL RUNNERS/SHIPPING COSTS: Anyone anywhere on the globe may participate! We will ship internationally, but you need to choose the additional "International" shipping option ($10 more) for shipping when registering! 

You must complete your minimum distance for 10km (10km/6.2miles), 50km (50km/31.1miles), 50miles (80.5km / 50 miles), 100k (100km / 62.2 miles), 100 miles (100 miles / 161km), 206.5 miles (206.5 miles / 332km). The 200 mile race is 206.5 miles to honor the actual Bigfoot 200 distance!  

Official times must be verified: You will need to submit verification as described above for an "official" time. Race management reserves the right to deny any results at our discretion. 

To get a top 3 spot in any race distance you must have verification and we recommend using a strava link or other online tracking program rather than just a photo.
Runs must be completed between (and including) August 1 - September 30, 2020 to be official. You must submit your results via methods described above within this time period as well. 

You must time yourself from start to finish: Many participants will complete their distance in one go (especially for the <100km distances), but if you take a break of a few minutes, hours or days the clock keeps going! This doesn't mean you need to keep a clock physically going but make sure to record the day/time you started and finished so you can calculate the overall time.

You may complete your distance in any time - No cutoffs, as long as it falls in the August 1 - September 30, 2020 dates. 

You may not use an official race as your virtual race. In other words, you cannot race Western States 100 (if it was still happening this year) as your 100 mile virtual BER event, however if you lived near the course you could potentially run on the course if the route was open. The reason for this is that finisher times in a real race with real aid stations and in-person competition are not equal to running a race on your own. Running a race on your own (or with friends, family) is more like an FKT than a real race. 

No cheating: If we decide someone has not been honorable we will ban them from all future Destination Trail events. Honor system please.

Please follow all local, state and CDC guidelines in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Please use social distancing (6 feet apart from others not in your household) and masks (closer than 6ft to people). Please respect closed parks/outdoor recreation areas and do not trespass. 

Feeding America Charity: We've already earned over $7,000 for Feeding America!
Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. When you register you can add a donation for Feeding America, or click on link here. Thanks to donations and support from businesses, government organizations and individuals like you, the Feeding America network of food banks, pantries and meal programs serve virtually every community in the United States — 40 million people, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Choose our "donation" option to donate to Feed America when registering to lessen the economic effects of coronavirus on families in need.

Questions? Please feel free to email us at