​​East Coast Vs. West Coast Vs Third Coast:

50k, Half Marathon, 10k

April 1 - May 15, 2021

Brought to you by East and West and Third Coast Race Directors
Destination Trail Races led by West Coast Race Director Candice Burt and Yeti Trail Runners led by East Coast Race Director Jason Green and Third Coast Director Ally Gregory bring you a virtual challenge that will pit the East and West and Third Coasts against each other in the epic battle you didn't know you needed right now! Choose your side and let the running (and walking) begin!

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How Does it Work?

WORLDWIDE: Participate from anywhere in the world! Shipping is $10 extra for international (outside the USA). If you're international just choose a side: East of West!

It's so simple, everyone can join in. Here's how is works:

1. Signup for a distance on ultrasignup for our 10k, Half Marathon or 50K (or all 3!) from April 1 - May 15 (Please note that recording runs doesn't start until April 1) while choosing East Coast or West Coast or Third Coast team.  Register here

2. Choose a place, date, time to run that is safe/where you can socially distance whether it be indoors or outdoors please follow local covid laws and guidelines for your state. You may use a treadmill, run on the road or trail or all 3! It's up to you.

3. Run any day or time from April 1, 2021 - May 15, 2021. It's timed like a race or FKT, once you start your run the clock keeps going. If you don't care about your time then you can do it slowly (as in multiple days) but the clock doesn't stop. Most participants will choose to do the entire distance in one go, rather than breaking it up into different days because remember - if you do it over several days the clock doesn't stop!

4. Run (or Walk) while recording your time. To submit a time and get on the leaderboard you will need one of two different verifications: 1. Link to a site like strava, garmin connect, or other site that records your run- make sure to set the run to "public" so we can verify it. OR 2. take a selfie with your time/distance if you're on a treadmill or from your watch if you don't use strava/garmin/other program. It's easy! Please note ALL verification will be public on ultrasignup so you may check other people's verification when perusing live results. The Leaderboard will be live all month! The top times for age group and genders will receive special prizes and we will have some fun DFL prizes as well. 

5. Upload your time and data to ultrasignup and get results in real time! You do not have to submit a time, all participants will be mailed a medal regardless of whether they submit a time. To show up on the leaderboard or win special prizes you will have to submit a time.

The easiest way to submit your time is to do the following:

Go to the registration page and use the "Record Results" orange button next to the green "register" button. That will allow you to record your results easily and quickly. The link to the page is here

You can view the Live Leaderboard here

*You can also upload your time and data by logging into your ultrasignup account and going to "registration history". If you registered as a guest you will not be able to access the event in your registration history and will have to upload via the directions above.

All participants will receive a medal! Medals are made in the USA. Shirts are an "add on" and you can purchase one if you like when registering. Medals and shirts are shipped 1x a week, so expect them to take up to 2 weeks to arrive, possibly longer if you're international.


  • You can upload a finish time as many times as you want for your chosen distance. Only your fastest time will be counted. You will be able to better your time if you want to by uploading multiple times if you run the distance faster. If you have a top spot then someone beats your time, you can come back and run again to better your time and try to place again. Please remember that we are verifying times but that it is on the honor system - be a good human please.
  • To get an official time you will need to have at least one verification method: 1. Public link to data like strava, garmin connect, etc. OR 2. Photo selfie of your treadmill time/distance or watch. 
  • Your run is timed from start to finish. You cannot turn off the time to take a break or go to bed. If you do decide to take multiple days to do your distance you have to count ALL the time from the moment you start until the moment you finish. Most people will choose to do the run in one go.
  • Run can start April 1 and go through until May 15 (no earlier runs count) at midnight but all data must be submitted by midnight May 15 Pacific Time. registration goes from March 22 at 9am PT to May 15 at midnight PT. 
  • Times are not official unless you submit at least one verification method. All verifications will be public on ultrasignup on our Leaderboard. Link to come. You will submit time and verification through ultrasignup. Your signup confirmation will have info/links on this.
  • All participants who upload a finish time will add points to their "Team" either the West Coast or East Coast or Third Coast. Points are based on finish time and placement. Our live leaderboard will rank Coasts and runners via Ultrasignup

Our leaderboard will show what Coast aka Team you are on (East of West or Third) as well as age group and gender categories. Special awards will be given! You can view the Live Leaderboard here

Epic Battle to Commence
Finally we will determine which coast is the best coast! Featuring live results as entrants upload their times all month long to ultrasignup making this not only a virtual challenge but also a competitive challenge! Choose your side, either East Coast or West Coast or Third Coast and your distance: 10k, Half Marathon (13.1 miles) or 50k for this fun and challenging virtual race with lots of prizes! All entrants get a medal designed and made in the USA shipped to them.

Feeding America Charity
Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. When you register you can add a donation for Feeding America. Thanks to donations and support from businesses, government organizations and individuals like you, the Feeding America network of food banks, pantries and meal programs serve virtually every community in the United States — 40 million people, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Choose our "donation" option to donate to Feed America when registering to lessen the economic effects of coronavirus on families in need.

All runners will get a medal!

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T-Shirts will have the above logo on them