Orcas Island 200 Mile Information

We are planning to hold this race November 2-6, 2021

Stay tuned for registration

For info on the 50 mile, marathon, half and kid's race please go here. This page is just for 200 mile runners. 

*Page is currently being edited and details are subject to change based on permitting and covid19

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Dates: Tuesday, November 2 - Saturday, November 6, 2021

Distance: 206.2 miles 

Where: Orcas Island in Washington State, San Juan Islands (you get to take a ferry to go to the island)

Elevation Gain: 60,132 ft / 60,132 ft loss

Cut Off: 104 hours (4 days & 8hrs)

Aid Stations: every 13.7 miles, 7.5 miles, 6.3 miles apart. Aid stations will offer hot food, lots of real food, soup, wraps, vegan and GF options. We will also have Tailwind Nutrition at drink calorie mix and Spring Energy gels at the aid stations. 

Aid Mileages:

Lodge Aid mile 13.7

Mt. Constitution Aid mile 21.2

Camp Moran Aid mile 27.5

Route Details: Course is a sort of figure 8 with runners summiting Mt. Pickett then returning to the Camp Moran aid (mile 13.7) then climbing Mt. Constitution (mile 21.2), then descending to Lodge Aid (mile 27.2) as the first figure 8. Runners do this 7 times then finish with a final 13.7 miles up and around Mt. Pickett to finish at the Lodge for a total of 206.3 miles. Camp Moran has bunk camping cabins and tent camping as well as bathrooms, showers and commercial kitchen so we can keep you well fed! At night (dusk/when it gets dark until dawn) the Constitution Aid will be "no crew allowed" but crew can access the Lodge Aid 24/7. This is because the park locks the gate to the top of the mountain at night. 

Map of the race route here

Camp Moran Aid Station is located at Camp Moran Lodge in Moran State Park and will have use of a commercial kitchen, bathrooms, showers and sleeping areas. 

Cost: Opens at $595 until Jan 5 when price goes up to $695. From March 1-May 1 (unless race sells out) $795

Want to run for free? Email Kristal to inquire how you can get a free or reduced entry for bringing a volunteer or volunteering at one of our events including this race! Email: Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com **Please set up credit BEFORE registering, we do not issue refunds for volunteering.

Location: Moran State Park & Camp, tent camping and bunk/lodges on site. The park is located on beautiful and remote Orcas Island in Washington State accessed only by ferry, boat and small planes. This island is nestled in the San Juan Islands close to Canada (just a jump, hop, skip away!) and a 2 hour drive (and 1 hr ferry ride) from Seattle, WA. 

Description: The Orcas Island 200 mile race explores Moran State Park's many mountain lakes, forested single track trails, and the 2,409 foot Mount Constitution on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The trails offer views of the Cascade Mountain range to the east, surrounding islands, and American and Canadian cities. You can see Mount Baker dominating the skyline with its snow capped top rising out of the Cascades. A bank of clouds below the rocky cliff as you summit Mt. Constitution and green islands rising through the clouds like rocks in a wild sea make this race one of the most stunning trail races in the Pacific Northwest. On the summit, there stands a stone observation tower built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936. The tower offers panoramic views of the sea, islands, mainland, and the Cascades. The 200 mile race will be plenty challenging with 60,132ft of elevation gain! The course is seven repeats of the marathon route finishing with one final summit of Mt. Pickett to conclude at 205 miles. Runners will have 104 hours to complete this beast!

Sleep Stations:‚Äč Beginning at mile 55 we will have sleep stations available at Camp Moran. You can either opt to have a bunk in a cabin or a tent site. Tent sites are primitive, but will have use of shower houses and bathrooms. Bunk houses are shared with other participants. The sleep station is at Camp Moran Aid and can be accessed every 27.5 miles for sleeping after mile 55. Before mile 55 the aid station will just be food (no sleep station).

Crew & Pacing: Allowed. Pacing allowed from mile 110 until the finish. Crewing is allowed at all aid stations, except at night it will only be allowed at the Lodge Aid Station. One of the great benefits of this race is the ease of access of aid stations for crewing and pacing! We also have cabin bunk lodging and tent camping available. This race will be really fun for crew, pacers and runners alike. Many of our participants run without crew and pacers so it is optional, not required. 

Crew/Pacing Rules:

-No crewing outside of aid stations

-Please only 1 (one) crew vehicle per runner, we have limited parking! 

-Aid Station food is for race participants only

-Follow all rules of Moran State Park

-Pacers are not allowed to carry runner's gear, food or water (no muling)

Camping & Bunk Lodging: We have limited camp spots and bunks. Please reserve early! These will sell out! You can reserve yours via ultrasignup when you register. During the race participants will have sleep stations, so it is optional for participants to reserve camping/bunks while they expect to be running. You may reserve one for your self "just in case" or for your crew/family as long as we have them available. NO RVs at the camp! Parking is limited and we cannot accommodate any RV parking, sorry! Please check out Doe Bay Resort for RV Parking and Camping as well as additional camping, parking, cabin rentals and lodging. The Doe Bay Resort is not on site, but about a 15 min drive away. 

Schedule of Events:

Monday, Nov 1, 4pm-9pm: Check in at Camp Moran, Lodging & Camping Check in. Mandatory race meeting at 6pm.

Tuesday, Nov 2, 9am: Race Start (200 mile)

Saturday, Nov 6 5pm: Race cut off, 104 hours

Hard Cut Offs: You must make these times in order to continue

Mile 55, Camp Moran: 24 hours or 9am on May 6

Mile 110, Camp Moran: 50 hours or 11am on May 7

Mile 165, Camp Moran: 80 hours or 5pm on May 8

Mile 192.5, Camp Moran: 96 hours or 9am on May 9

Mile 206.2, Camp Moran (finish line): 104 hours or 5pm on May 9

Drop bags: Drop Bags are allowed at Camp Moran and Mt. Constitution Aid. Please limit your bag to 48" x 24" x 24" size or smaller. Please note that we are not responsible for your bag and you leave it at your own risk. Do not leave valuables in drop bags!

Refund Policy for 200 Mile: WILL BE UPDATED BEFORE 2021 REG OPENS. No refunds of entry fees after January 31, 2020. On or before Jan 31, 2020 participants may request 50% refund or 75% transfer of entry fee paid via email to racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com. Refunds are made via paypal. After Jan 31, 2020 and before April 1, 2020 participants may get 50% transfer to a Destination Trail race (credit) good for 1 year. No refunds after Jan 31, 2020. No transfers are allowed after March 31, 2020 NO EXCEPTIONS, do not ask for special treatment, we will not give it. You may not transfer more than once per entry fee paid.

Volunteers: Want to run for free? Email Kristal to inquire how you can get a free or reduced entry for bringing a volunteer or volunteering at one of our events! Email: Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com **Please note that volunteer credit must be set up in advance.**

Only 1 Vehicle Allowed Per Runner (for Crew)

Each runner will only be allowed one vehicle on site and for crew. No more than 1 vehicle crewing! (does not apply to those running without crew)

Inherently Dangerous / Graduate Level Race

The Orcas Island 200 is a graduate level trail running race and as such it is unusually difficult, unusually long, and has certain physical and mental dangers as well as environmental dangers including but not limited to hallucinations, physical harm, injury, getting lost, exposure, possibility for extreme weather and even death. This race is not for beginners. There is inherent danger in any ultramarathon. Runners under 18 years of age are not allowed in the 200 mile distance. I understand that I am expected to be able to navigate on the course and manage my body and mind.

Right to Cancel / Act of God

I understand and agree that Orcas Island Trail Races & Destination Trail LLC reserves the right to cancel the run (1) Extreme snow pack. (2) Extreme weather during the event. (3) Extreme fire danger. (4) Other extreme conditions. I understand and agree that if the race is cancelled I will not receive a refund.

Ferry Required to get on Orcas Island

I understand that I have to (get to?) take a ferry to access Orcas Island and the Orcas Trail Races and that the race recommends reserving a spot in advance. Please visit Washington State Ferries site for reservations. Reservations for May open Jan 29. For participants coming from US, they will take Anacortes Ferry to Orcas Island and return to Anacortes after the event. Reserve here beginning Jan 29, 2020.