Moran State Park

A Discover Pass required to park here! 

50 Mile 

Full Marathon / 50 Mile

Total Cut Off Time: 8.5 hours (4:00 PM) 

Aid Stations (No drop bags allowed): 

2 miles: Cascade Lake, no cut off, water and gels only

8.4 miles: Mt. Constitution, 5.5 hour cut off (2:30 PM)  

12 miles: Cascade Lake, 8 hours (3:30 PM) 

14 miles: Finish, 8.5 hour total cut off (4:00 PM)

Total Cut Off Time: 8.5 hours (4:00 PM) 

Aid Stations (No drop bags allowed): 

3.5 miles: Mt. Pickett, water and gels, no cut off 

13.1 miles: Cascade Falls, 4.5 hour cut off (12:00 PM)

20.5 miles: Mt. Constitution, 7 hour cut off (2:30 PM)

24.5 miles: Cascade Lake, 8 hour cut off (3:30 PM)

26.5 miles: Finish, 8.5 hour total cut off (4:00 PM)


Check out Doe Bay Hot Tubs during your stay! A great post-race choice for real relaxation. 

Mt. Constitution - the "aid station in the sky"!

The 50 Mile race covers two passes of the Full Marathon course, skipping the finish.  

Cut off times are in place for the safety of our runners as well as our staff and volunteers. By signing up for this race you agree to the cut off times posted. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding! 

Maps and Elevation

Trail Running Events for the Adventurous

Schedule of Events

Volunteer at a race and earn a free or discounted entry into another Destination Trail race. Bring a volunteer for the day and race for free! E-mail us at - some restrictions may apply. 

Saturday, May 11  - Race Day! 
4 AM - 8:45 AM: Race check-in.
- 5 AM: 50 miler start!
- 8 AM: Marathon start!
- 9 AM: Half Marathon start! 

10:30 AM: Post race meal and festivities! Check in for kid's race.

11 AM: Kid's Race

7 PM: Fire, card games, and music at the main lodge!

Total Cut Off Time: 14 hours (7:00 PM)

Aid Stations (Drop bags are allowed for this distance only!): 

3.5 miles: Mt. Pickett, water and gels only, no cut off

13.1 miles: Cascade Falls, no cut off, DROP BAGS ALLOWED 

20.5 miles: Mt. Constitution, 6.5 hour cut off (11:30 AM) DROP BAGS ALLOWED

24.5 miles: Cascade Lake, 7.5 hour cut off (12:30 PM) 

27.5 miles: Mt. Pickett, 9 hour cut off (2:00 PM) 

37 miles: Cascade Falls, 10.5 hour cut off (3:30 PM) DROP BAGS ALLOWED

44.4 miles: Mt. Constitution, 12.75 hour cut off (5:45 PM) DROP BAGS ALLOWED 

50.4 miles: Finish, 14 hour total cut off (7:00 PM) 

Half Marathon  


Aid stations are staffed with amazing volunteers serving water, electrolyte drinks, gels, fruit, soda, candy, PB & Js and chips to keep you fueled and focused on your run! 

Half Marathon

Course Description

A ferry is required to access the island, we highly suggest booking in advance! Schedule and details here

Join us for a whole weekend! We are renting the entire Camp Moran from Friday, May 10 until Sunday, May 12 so that you can stay right in the camp. If you prefer less rustic accommodations, you can stay at one of many hotels, B&B's, and resorts on the little island in the San Juans. The park is closest to Eastsound on Orcas Island. This is a great opportunity to really get to know other trail runners!

The trail races explore Moran State Park's many mountain lakes, wooded single track trails, and the 2,409 foot Mount Constitution on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The trails offer views of the Cascade Mountain range to the east, surrounding islands, and American and Canadian cities. You can see Mount Baker dominating the skyline with its snow capped top rising out of the Cascades. A bank of clouds below the rocky cliff as you summit Mt. Constitution and green islands rising through the clouds like rocks in a wild sea make this race one of the most stunning trail 50 miler/ half and full marathons in the Pacific Northwest. On the summit, there stands a stone observation tower built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936. The tower offers panoramic views of the sea, islands, mainland, and the Cascades.

Aid Stations, Drop Bags and Cut Off Times 

Getting There

Friday, May 10
4 PM - 11 PM : Check in & bib pickup. Check in to lodging & camping at Camp Moran (see below for booking cabins and bunks)

5 PM - 9 PM: Potluck at the main lodge. Bring something to share!
**Lodge kitchen/fridge will be closed to participants.**

Orcas Island Trail Festival 

Tent Camping: $25 a tent and includes both Friday and Saturday nights in designated areas. Tent camping sells out early! If it's sold out it will not show up on the reservation page.

Bunk Housing: $25 per night for one bunk 


(cost includes Friday and Saturday nights)

6 person cabin, just 2 available: $350 

8 person cabin: $450

12 person cabin: $599