Refund Policies for Fragrance Lake, Orcas Island, Deception Pass & Bellingham Trail Marathon/Half Races, Bigfoot 73mile/40mile/20mile & Tahoe 100k/25k races:

Please understand that it is a risk to pre-register for a race. Personal injuries, family emergencies, and unpredictable changes do happen and we do not offer refunds or transfer your entry to another runner. If you do not want to take on the risk of pre-registering, day-of registration is available for a small increase in price.

On the occasion you need to withdraw from a race you've paid for, you must give notice at least 4 weeks in advance to receive a 50% transfer of your entry fee paid (minus ultrasignup fees which are not transferable) applied to another Destination Trail event. 

Transfers are not possible until the race registration is open for the event you want to transfer to. Transfers are good to use for one calendar year and can only be used once per entry fee paid. 

Merchandise must be picked up at the race you registered for. We do not mail merchandise or swag. If you don't pick it up you forfeit the merchandise/swag.

Exceptions will not be made. Thank you for understanding.

Race cancellations: Destination Trail (Fragrance Lake Races, Deception Pass Races, Orcas Island Races, and Bellingham Trail Marathon/Half) reserves the right to cancel the run based on: (1) Extreme snow pack. (2) Extreme weather before or during the event. (3) Extreme fire danger. (4) Other extreme conditions. (5) Unforeseen circumstances that make directing the race impossible or dangerous. In the case of cancellation, race entries will not be refunded. If cancelled less than 2 months before the event transfers may not be offered.

Race Policies and Frequently Asked Questions 

200 Mile Race Refund/Transfer Policies:

Please see the Runner's Manual for each race for details on race policies. Race refund polices are on page 4 of the Runner's Manual:

Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run

Tahoe 200 Endurance Run

Moab 240 Endurance Run

Payment plans: We offer payment plans for all of our 200 mile events. Please email to learn more about payment plans. You can also find details in our Runner's Manual. Down payments and payment plan fees for payment plans are non-refundable and cannot be used toward future races. 

When to Expect A Refund / International Refunds: Refunds may take up to 2 weeks, and longer if requested while Destination Trail Staff is on site organizing a race. International refunds can be up to 4 weeks. 5% fee for Paypal refunds internationally. Mailing checks is a flat $25 fee that we will deduct from the refund. Refunds do not include the Ultrasignup fee.

More info on Cancelled Events and DT Policies:

Cancellation policy for all of our events:  We prioritize the safety of our runners, staff and volunteers. At Destination Trail, we are all in favor of adventure, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Sometimes permits for an event will be pulled due to unsafe circumstances, in which case we are required to cancel an event., other times we make the decision based on extreme weather, fires or other potentially catastrophic circumstances. Although cancellations are rare, they can happen. With large numbers of runners out on the trail for any given race, we must make a choice that considers all experience levels from beginners to advanced athletes. The most common reasons, at least pre-COVID 19 pandemic were fires. 

We reserve the right to cancel a race for a variety of unsafe conditions including extreme snow pack or unexpected snow/ice, extreme weather, forest fires, other extreme conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances that make directing a race impossible or unsafe. In the case of cancellation, entries will not be refunded. We do our best to allow transfers to the following year or a rescheduled date but cannot guarantee this option and it will depend on the timing of the cancellation as well as permits. See individual policies for this information or wait for a race email if your event has been cancelled. In the event that we must cancel a race, we will notify runners as soon as the decision is made. We respect the time and planning that goes into your race prep and strive to give as much notification as possible.  For 200 mile races, please see individual Runner's Manuals for details. For our shorter events we will email all runners with options following an unexpected race cancellation. If you have any questions or need help with a refund or transfer, please email

Discrimination: We do not discriminate based on gender, race, age, religion, disability. 

Cut Off Times: Please be respectful of our cut off times, they are in place for the safety of our runners and crew.  In the event that you are not able to make a cut off, please wait at the aid station and understand the volunteers will give you a ride back to the finish after they have completed their duties at the station. This might take some time, and we appreciate your patience. 

Race Rules: Please refer to each individual race website or page for details on race rules. We take our rules seriously, if runners or their crew or pacers break the rules their runner may be disqualified, (time) penalized and/or banned from future events with Destination Trail. We reserve the right to ban anyone from our events for breaking our rules, disrespecting our officials, or harassing our staff and/or volunteers on site or through social media or email /phone.