​​​​Race the USA

2,572 miles from San Francisco to New York!

 Logging mileage begins June 1

WORLDWIDE! Join us from anywhere in the world

Race the USA

Have you ever dreamed about crossing the USA on foot or bike? Now is your chance and do it from the safety of your own home, trails, or roads. You can use your daily training to build up to running the entire span of the USA in this long and possibly insanely stupid challenge. Our live leaderboard will keep track of each runner's daily results as you upload them, showing as miles toward completing this 2,572 mile trans-America route that will take you from the foggy coast of San Francisco to the bustling city of New York! This is (obviously) not for everyone and we are pretty sure most of you are not crazy enough to entertain this idea, but we've never been ones to avoid an idea because of its length! 

2,572 miles from San Francisco to New York City

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*Logging mileage starts June 1

The Ultimate Race Across the USA

Let's see how many states we can get through while logging miles from home (or trail or road) solo or with a team. The route goes from San Francisco, California to New York City, New York. In the process you will go through 12 different states and run from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, a truly epic journey. 

Live Map Leaderboard

Upload your miles each day to see yourself (or your team) move on the map! Leaderboard will be live on ultrasignup. We are almost done developing the page and will have it all ready by June 1. 

Fun Community of Runners & Cyclists

Join other runners worldwide in an iconic crossing of the USA. You will have the option off running as a team, solo or a Half Crossing. You can also choose the bike option!  

Join our Online Supportive Groups:

Facebook Group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RATUSA/

RATUSA Options

To get an official time we will need you to complete the 2,572 miles by Jan 1, 2021. For those who want to take as long as, well, it takes that's fine too but finishes after Jan 1 won't be official on Ultrasignup. We have beautiful buckles and awards made by artist Kali in Utah.

Solo 2,572 miles: entire US crossing.  2,572 miles on your own, for the most extreme runners 

Solo 1000 miles: Partial Crossing of 1000 miles, want to join solo but have a lot on your plate? This is the one for you! 

Team 2,572 miles: Get up to 8 of your friends/co-workers/running club to join your team

Solo 2,572 Mile Bike: Why run when you can bike?! This is our first ever bike race! Full distance only (2,572 miles)

Team 2,572 Mile Bike: Get together 8 of your friends and count each of your mileage each day to see how quickly your team can get across the USA!

How many miles do you need to do each day to finish?

Our cut off date for an official finish is Jan 1, 2021, but you can take as long as you want if you don't care about a finish time. 

Solo 2,572 miles: Can you average 12 miles a day? That's 87 miles a week! You can also do it with no cut off time, but to get an official finish we need times in by Jan 1, 2021
Solo 1000 miles: You'll need to average 4.7 miles a day, that's roughly 32.9 miles a week.​
Team 2,572 miles: Teams can take as long as a solo runner, however since they are made up of up to 8 people they will likely finish a lot faster! Each team can count all miles run by each team member each day. We suggest teams have members sent mileages to the captain to submit on a weekly basis.
Solo 2,572 Mile Bike: Bikes also have up to Jan 1 to finish and will need to average 12 miles a day or 87 miles a week to finish

Team 2,572 Mile Bike: Teams can take as long as a solo runner, however since they are made up of up to 8 people they will likely finish a lot faster! Each team can count all miles run by each team member each day.

Common Questions

1. Do you need to do a certain mileage each day? No, we have averaged out what you need to do to reach your goal mileage, however you may do as many or as few miles as you like. 

2. What do you get with your entry? All participants get a race t-shirt with their entry, logging mileage system via ultrasignup until Jan 1, 2020 and online support from us including a Facebook group for participants! You can also purchase additional t-shirts at the store: RATUSA STORE

Buckles for all distances/relay/solo are add-on options and we will post pictures here as soon as we have a few mockups for you. They will be similar to our Rise Up buckles - by the same artist in Utah.

3. Can you join from outside of the USA? Yes! You can run from anywhere in the world. Please choose the $10 extra add on shipping option for orders outside of the USA.

4. How to add merchandise: You may add on any merchandise after the fact through ultrasignup here: RATUSA STORE

Expect orders to take 2-4 weeks due to production and shipping

5. How do you win this Race?
Ultimately the team (or individual for solo distances) that does the most miles each day will win. The speed at which a team moves across the USA each day will be more dependent on the miles that team does each day than it is the speed at which they do their miles. The teams that log the most miles each day will be the team that wins!

6. How and Where do you Log Miles each day?

Logging miles will start June 1! We will post the link here and also email it to you. Each team member and of course all solo runners/cyclists will be able to upload their mileage each day so the Captain (teams only) won't be putting info in for all the members.

Relay Information

Getting together with friends on a big challenge is fun! Get together up to 8 of your friends and join us for a much quicker 2572 miles! You can choose the biking or running relay. If you'd like to do fewer than 8, shoot us an email and we can give you a discount on your team price! Email racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com

7. Team Captains will signup initially with the names and emails of their teams. Each member will need to signup as well, but only after the captain creates the team and sends the team signups, see #8 for more info on how the Captain will send invites. All team members will get a full discount since the captain pays the fees. Each member can purchase their own add-ons (like a buckle or extra shirts). Every signup (so every team member) gets a shirt with their entry! Logging miles starts June 1. Each team member will upload their miles each day (or as often as they run) and the live map and leaderboard will show where you are at individually, as a team and on the map!

8. How to Invite your team members to register for the Relay

Once the team captain has registered, they can login to their Ultrasignup account and send invites to their team, here's how:
1. Login to Ultrasigup
2. Hover your mouse over the upper right corner where you see your name and "account info" 
3. Choose "registration history"
4. Next to "Race Across the USA" choose "manage team"
5. From this page you will see the names of your team and 'send invite' option. Send an invite to each member. You can use this page to manage your team, change your team name and edit members if needed. 

9. Merchandise for Teams

The team captain will create the team by signing up on ultrasignup and putting in the team members names and emails as well as paying the fee. It is $35 a person. You can add names later if you don't have enough to begin with, if you do that then put the captain's name in the unfilled spots until you find more members or consider having a smaller team if you like. Each team member can put in their own shirts sizes and order buckles and extra shirts when they register so the team captain does not need to do any team member ordering. The captain will need to send invites to each member after registering, see #8 above for how to send invites.