Trail Running Events for the Adventurous

LEKI poles accompany us on adventures in every season, and they're there for the most crucial steps in our longest distance races. They're the go-to for the toughest tests of endurance, and their integrated glove systems mean just one less thing to fuss over at mile 190. Being home to 200+ mile races mean we like things that last, and LEKI does exactly that. 

We are all about hands-free, hassle-free accessories, especially when it's nighttime in the middle of nowhere, and Kogalla's adventure lights delivers with 800 lumens of light that keeps the trail lit even when you turn your head. This innovative design pairs perfectly with all of the circumstances ultra trail distances present. 18 of our 23 Triple Crown Finishers used them in 2018 - that's over 11,000 miles of approval! 

Our partnership with Altra comes naturally. It's a company we love, born in the mountains of Utah just up the road from Moab, founded by runners looking to expand their own adventures with a more reliable shoe. The Destination Trail team has been wearing these shoes since our inception in 2011. We love a toe box made for feet, so comfortable we live in them during long weeks at race headquarters - and sometimes forget to take them off. Zero drop, zero limits, lots and lots of miles. 

Only the best for our runners... we stock Tailwind at most our races! Thank you Tailwind for your support. 

Our Race Partners